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Words of Power Editor (or wopeditor) is a Free and Open Source app for creation, modification, distribution, and machine recognition of custom magic symbols in TexnoMagic format used in upcoming texnoforge game Words of Power and any other games/apps that choose to adopt this free format and/or tool.

The goal is to provide users with means to create and share their own custom symbols by drawing them with mouse or any other pointing device. After collecting enough drawings of a symbol, a model can be trained and used to recognize the symbol from user input.

Entire alphabets of symbols with names, meanings, and graphical representations can be created and shared including models to recognize individual symbols drawn by users in real-time.

Please see TexnoMagic library which provides technical implementation.



  • create, edit, save, and load TexnoMagic alphabets and symbols
  • draw symbols using mouse (or other pointing/touch device) and save to files
  • train symbol models which can be used to recognize user drawn symbols
  • visual previews of symbol models
  • TODO: test real-time symbol recognition
  • browse and preview symbols loaded from disk
  • easily open relevant files in file manager

mods / community


  • written in Godot Engine's native GDScript which is easy to work with (python-ish)
  • UI code is split into small files arranged in a sustainable modular structure
  • integration with TexnoMagic through JSON-RPC over TCP (TexnoMagic client)

  • more