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If your platform is missing from, you need to... Use The Source!

Use the Source

wopeditor is a Free and Open Source Software and you're encouraged to take full advantage of that.

Running wopeditor directly from its source repo as opposed to using precompiled binaries has several advanages:

  • latest and greatest code (and bugs)
  • easy to contribute through github
  • no random binary blobs from the internet
  • wide platform support, especially on open systems
  • full control - the open source way

wopeditor is tested to run on Windows and Linux but it should work on many platforms supported byt the Godot Engine and Python modules used by TexnoMagic.

Requirement: Godot Engine

At minimum, you need to get the marvelous Godot Engine.

Requirement: TexnoMagic

wopeditor uses TexnoMagic python library for the science/magic work behind the scenes.

TexnoMagic isn't strictly required, but wopeditor is limited to basic functionality without an access to TexnoMagic TCP server.

You need to Get Python and then install texnomagic python module available from PyPI:

pip install -U texnomagic

The -U/--upgrade option tells pip to get the latest version available. You might want to run this command periodically, especially if something is broken - chances are it's already fixed in latest TexnoMagic release.

Alternatively, you can use TexnoMagic from source:

git clone
cd texnomagic
pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install .

TexnoMagic is a standard python package so you can install it in many ways provided by the python ecosystem.


Regardless of your TexnoMagic installation method, make sure the texnomagic script provided by the python package is available from your system $PATH. Running

texnomagic --help

should print CLI help. If the command is not found, you need to adjust your $PATH to include the script. Pay attention to pip output when installing texnomagic, it should mention the script location.

Get the Source

git clone

Run from Source

You can run wopeditor directly using godot executable:

cd wopeditor
godot .

Or simply open project.godot in the Godot Editor and hit F5:

godot wopeditor/project.godot
# press F5 to run

Have a nice magic!