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TexnoMagic is a free and open source Python 3 library and format for magic symbol recognition and symbol-based language parsing.

I created TexnoMagic after prototyping serveral systems for magic symbol recognition and invocation as well as systems for creating magic language based on symbols.

You can read my posts about

to get a better idea of what I'm trying to achieve.


alpha: integration with wopeditor and mod portal


  • save and load symbols to/from user files
  • portable open format based on simple JSON/CSV files
  • first user-created alphabets uploaded to mod portal
  • train Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM) from symbol data
  • real-time symbol recognition
  • spell language parser based of Parsing Expression Grammars (PEG)
  • interfaces:
    • python module from PyPI (texnomagic)
    • Command-Line Interface (texnomagic.cli)
    • simple TCP server using JSON-RPC (texnomagic.server) - universal interface
  • ⚠ format and API not stable yet
  • ⚠ docs need more content


TexnoMagic is available from PyPI for Python 3.8+:

pip install texnomagic

You can install/develop from source as with any other python module.


GUI 🖱️

wopeditor is a project dedicated to providing comprehensive GUI for TexnoMagic.

CLI ⌨️

texnomagic script should be installed, run it without arguments to get a summary of avaliable commands options:

$> texnomagic

Usage: texnomagic [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  TexnoMagic CLI

  --version   Show TexnoMagic version and exit.
  -h, --help  Show this message and exit.

  check-abcs     Check all/selected alphabets for issues.
  download-mods  Download Words of Power mods from
  flip-y         Flip Y axis for all symbols in alphabet.
  list-abcs      List all/selected TexnoMagic alphabets.
  list-mods      List online Words of Power mods from
  server         Start TexnoMagic TCP server on PORT.
  spell          Parse TexnoMagic spell.
  train-abcs     Train (missing) models for all/selected alphabets.

Add -h/--help after a command to get usage for that command:

$> texnomagic download-mods -h

If your shell doesn't see the script (i.e. when not in $PATH), you can invoke the texnomagic.cli module directly:

$> python -m texnomagic.cli list-abcs --full

Python 🐍

You can find code examples in:

See reference docs for texnomagic python module.

Godot Engine ⚙️

wopeditor contains GDScript implementation of client for TexnoMagic server: wopeditor.client.

You can use Godot's JSONRPC module to form requests and send them as strings using standard Godot networking which TexnoMagic adpoted (messages prefixed with 4 bytes of total message length).


You can start universal language-agnostic JSON-RPC over TCP server using texnomagic CLI:

texnomagic server

# optionally select a port
texnomagic server 12345

You can also invoke texnomagic.server module directly:

python -m texnomagic.server

It's also possible to compile stand-alone texnomagic binary using PyInstaller:

pyinstaller texnomagic.spec
# results in dist/texnomagic

Simple reference python client is provided in texnomagic.client although it's only used for testing in TexnoMagic.

For a full-fledged client implementation see wopeditor.client.

Bugs and Feature Requests

Please use GitHub Issues to report any problems or feature requests.

Contributions, suggestions, and ideas are always welcome ♥


Feel free to drop by #wopeditor @ texnoforge discord.