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Core Symbols Challenge

We are in the very beginning of the journey towards Words of Power.

As a first step we need to create atomic elements of Magic - symbols.

I've selected an initial set of symbols that will serve as a solid base for a magic system and I need you to help me find their representations!

In other words, I want you to draw symbols for basic concepts below.

Symbol Drawing

Let's define drawing of a symbol (or just drawing) to be a series of 2D curves graphically representing a symbol.

There are no colors associated with a symbol, only shape and orientation.

The size/scale doesn't matter.

This is a rough equivalent of pen & paper.

Symbols will be repeatedly drawn by mages using various pointing devices so drawings must not be overly complex or otherwise annoying to replicate.

Finally, symbols need to be distinct. No two symbols should be too similar.

Use wopeditor, paper, strings or whatever else you want

You can use wopeditor to draw symbols using mouse (and other pointing devices) in TexnoMagic format which allows easy sharing of entire magic alphabet as a single zip file and you can even upload your alphabet to where everyone with (or without) wopeditor can download and modify it easily.

If you don't want to use my experimental software, please feel free to draw symbols using any method you want, as long as you can share a picture of the result.

Symbols in search of Form

Use the power of your mind to translate following words into their basic symbolic form:


  • fire
  • ice
  • lightning / electro
  • water
  • air
  • earth
  • life
  • death

shapes (spell carriers)

  • bolt / missile / projectile
  • ball / exploding projectile
  • beam / line
  • area / circle
  • cone


  • self / I
  • friend
  • enemy


  • close
  • far
  • weak
  • strong
  • random
  • all


  • big
  • small
  • fast
  • slow
  • homing

Share your Drawings ♥

If using wopeditor, you can upload to I made a simple HOWTO.

You can also share your drawings on #wopeditor discord or use the ancient tech of e-mail:

Any amount of symbols is welcome, no need to draw them all.

Thanks a lot, I hope you have a creative time with symbols and concepts!

--voice of texnoforge